The Journey…

I thought it was about time to share a little bit of the vision, where I see Wazzas Hobbies going in the future, where it came from, and whats it’s really all about deep down…

So, where did the idea for Wazzas Hobbies all start?
It actually started with the GW paint range changes. I was pretty devastated that many of the paints I had used for at least 5 years would no longer be available. Close matches, sure, but not exact. Top it off with name changes and a price rise, and that finished that. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a place in my heart for Games Workshop, but the truth is it’s a pretty small place, and it’s shrinking rapidly.

Enough about GW. What happened next?
I went looking for a new paint line. I seriously considered Vallejo’s Game Colour (basically replacing Citadel paints) until I spoke to an awesome bloke from Slave to Painting, who encouraged me to reconsider as someone he knew had the suitcase (the whole set) and used less than half of it, so it was a waste. It was at this time that I came across The Army Painter. I’d dabbled in it before, mostly with their Quickshade, but with the release of their own paint range with a lot more core colours that I would use regularly, the choice was easy.

And then?
I got a little excited. I fell so head over heals with the Army Painter method, that I started to dream big. I wanted to start my own Army Painting Service, helping fellow gamers get more minis on the table rather than packed in boxes under a bed somewhere. In the process, I started a blog on Blogger, as my main platform for the Service. I realised I was probably a bit too hasty, I wasn’t quite ready for what I wanted to do. Since then, I moved across to WordPress, as I wanted to have my own domain for that professional feel. (I tried this with Blogger, but it was tooo hard).

So how about now?
Well, a new system has me firmly in it’s grips; Warmachine. I’ve been so taken by it that I have probably two thirds of what is currently available for Cygnar, and there isn’t much left that I want to own. I’ve been cracking along in our local Journeyman league, and I’ve enjoyed the game more than many I have played in a long time. I’ve been caught up painting my own gear, and have kind of slowed with my Army Painting Service plans.

The future…
I still fully intend to start my Army Painter Service, but probably when I am in a better situation and have the time needed to put in the hard work it will require. I’m immensely enjoying my blogging, posting about new releases, hobby things I’m interested in, and my adventures in gaming and painting (with the occasional random post thrown in for good measure). I have no intention of turning this into a miniature hobby news blog, there is already a fantastic option for that. I love Tabletop Fix! If you enjoy what you read here, fantastic! There’ll be plenty more in the future, and I really appreciate all the generosity, support and warmth I’ve received to date!

Wazza Out. =D


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  1. Sounds eerily familiar.
    GW are harming their customer base with too many ill thought out changes.

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