Holy Moly!

So, I just checked out my WordPress stats, and I missed a pretty important milestone… it was very sneaky… So, in the spirit of “The Wazza Way” (It’s gonna be a thing, you just wait and see), I thought I would celebrate 1075 views instead.

How shall I celebrate? I think with a sneaky spoiler and a giveaway!

My Wall of Storm now has an Arty base in preparation for the Tabletop. It is currently being Painted by an Army of awesome little Priming soldiers, who chose the colours Metal+Dinner+Postage, and Grey+What some people wear to work.

So, I hear you ask, where is the giveaway? The first person to work out what the above message means, putting the right words in the right order, wins $10.75! I’m deadly serious, I’ll pay $10.75 to the first person with a Paypal or bank account who works out what I’m working on/what the spoiler secret message is wins! Get to it, post a comment here, or email me at: scotty@wazzashobbies.com!

I know there’s probably legal mumbo-jumbo that should accompany any competition, but meh. It’s not “The Wazza Way”. (That’s gonna be a thing!)

Wazza Out. =D

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