Stryker’s Holiday Album

So. It’s been quite some time since I posted anything fresh on here. Time to get it cranking along a little.

Recently, I took a little trip to the most remote capital city in the world, Perth – Western Australia. I also happened to take my Warmachine (Cygnar) army with me for some games, however when I showed up at my very friendly local gaming club, I couldn’t find a competitor.

Don’t worry, I shaved the beard today… And yes, that is a TGA branded Stein in my hand… one of the day’s many catchphrases was “THAT STEIN WILL BE MINE!” The other ‘winning’ phrase was “TGA. Got a gaming itch? We’ll scratch it!”

As a result of having no enemies to defeat *ahem* I mean people to play games against, I decided to amuse myself in other ways. The first was setting up a small trading table, which was a roaring success thanks to some Dodgy Deals with two of the club organisers… you know who you are!

After a while, that just wasn’t cutting it anymore, so I decided to make my own fun. Enter stage left; Stryker and his Holiday Album!

For a bit more background info with a dash of Wazza perspective, many of the local Warmachine players started as Warhammer Fantasy fans. With the release of the latest fantasy edition, many of them were very VERY disappointed to lose their beloved NERD OLYMPICS! =D Along comes Warmachine, which went a long way to meeting that need, however because so many of the Ex-GW fanbois were so terribly upset at losing their NERD OLYMPICS, they displayed their grief very loudly, and as a result, have damaged their own reputation as a group. Almost an “us” and “them” sort of thing going on. Along comes an angel, who ran an awesome tournament, and followed it up by telling these NERD OLYMPIC competitors to cool it. This new “coach” has done a lot to redeem the Perth Warmachine Community, however I took it on myself to further improve the standing of the WM/H players in the general gaming community… hence Stryker’s Holiday Album!!! =D

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wazza Out. =D

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