Mmm… Hobby Time!

My hobby time has been pretty low as of late, however, that has just changed. It’s like my love for painting just returned, BAM!

I’ve been working on the bases for my Warmachine force. Realised it’s easier to paint them before gluing the model to the base.

Also making progress on my Stormwall, I think he’s coming along nicely!

He had a game just this last Friday night, but I am incredibly rusty and was making many careless mistakes. He got smashed before I even had chance to really try him out… No biggie though, I just need to start playing properly again soon!

My next project… Necrons! I traded a large Tyranid army with a friend. I have a sizeable force, and I’ll get into them soon enough. I’m just sourcing some other hobby supplies for them, because I really want to make them stand out!

Finally, don’t you just love freebies? My mum lives in a townhouse, and one of her neighbours properties is also used as a small business. They were throwing out some glass shelving, and I ended up picking up a pretty cool display cabinet for my minis! Huzzah!

So, there you go. A BIG hobby update. I’ve also finished the bases (got them here) on the rest of my Cygnar force, and I’m enjoying painting them as well at the moment. Well, back to the brush!

Wazza Out. =D

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