Warmachine, I quit.

Yeah, didn’t think I’d see this day.

I sold my rather large Cygnar army in one go (I spent over $1400 on the army!), hanging onto only Stormwall and Stryker (almost an army in itself… =) I’m really glad it went to one buyer, as the army is all on custom bases by Tabletop Art.

Turns out Warmachine really isn’t the game for me. There are a few reasons:

  1. I’m an ADHD sufferer. This means I find it hard to concentrate on multiple things at once, which is very important in WM. You have to know each unit/model’s special rules how they synergise with the rest of your force, what your opponent’s unit/models do, and how you’re going to beat them.
  2. I’m not really a fan of the uber competitive nature of the game in our area. With WM, you really have to be on the ball at all times or it can be over in a heartbeat.
  3. If you’re having a bad game of 40k, you’re at least going to get a few rounds in before you are tabled (in most cases).
  4. I’m a “beer and pretzels” gamer, I prefer to relax, enjoy myself, create cinematic moments and try those insane yet fun charges against all odds. I just find this missing in WM.

Anyone else found the same? I think I’ll give Infinity a try next…

Wazza Out. =D


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  1. I can totally understand how it can be information overload to some people. I still believe it’s the most balanced miniature game out there form my experiences, but not for everyone. 40K is totally a beer and pretzels game and a lot easier to grasp. I tried Infinity for a bit but the game is broken. You can really do some ridiculous things and their whole LOS system needs to be fixed. If they play it in your area maybe try out Dropzone Commander. Pretty solid system and relatively simple.

  2. I’ve always found Warmachine a lot easier to cope with while I’m unemployed, or at least underemployed; I got into the game as a second-year students and it started becoming a ball-ache when the first full time teaching job kicked in.

    iWargame is right that it’s an extremely balanced, solid game, but you, Wazza, are dead on with the pernickitiness of it, and the need to be on the ball at all times, and frankly that’s a level of pressure that I have to deal with at work and don’t want to deal with in my games.

    The attitude thing is also a valid point. Warmachine brings out the millimetre-counting protractor-wielder in me because that’s pretty much how I’ve seen it played outside the quiet kitchen where I started out – it’s gotten to the point where I’ve been demoing the game at my new club, and seen some very frowny faces on the other side of the board – not because they dislike the game, but because I’ve been explaining something like the Admonition/Counter-Charge interrupt trick for Skorne, and the hardened Specialist Gamers I roll with these days detect an unwelcome whiff of cheesy beard around this fairly simple bit of combo play. I don’t like seeing frowny faces on the other side of the board, but I also don’t like under-playing a game…

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