Fun with Necrons

So, I’m currently gaming with the shiny deathbots of doom!

m400708_99120110001_NecronWarriorsMain_873x627Picture courtesy of the Games Workshop website.

My 1500 point list is as follows:

Overlord – Warscyth, Mindshackle Scarabs (stop hitting yourself! =), Sempiternal Weave, Phase Shifter (2+/3+ saves)
Warrior Squads – 1 squad of 20, 2 squads of 15.
Immortals with Tesla Carbines – 2 squads of 10.
Canoptek Scarabs – 2 squads of 5 stands.
Annihilation Barges – 2.

I’ve had a good run with the crons to date. The first game I played, I used a list made by the original owner of the army and lost (His lists just don’t work for me, I took some list advice from him for a tournament and came LAST!). Then I had two fantastic games where I tabled the opponent, then one game against Nids where I made a few mistakes for a hard fought loss, and last night a 2000 point game where I forgot to get out a 200 point unit of Lychguard… no wonder I didn’t do so well!!!

It has been really enjoyable to return to 40k, looking forward to more games in the future!

Wazza Out. =D

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