Dreamforge Leviathan Crusader

It finally arrived!!!



For a nice unboxing blog post, check out Mordian7th’s post here! I must say, I was really impressed at how the packaging was designed!!!

I’ve been following the production of this kit for a long time. Many moons ago, a good gaming mate of mine picked up his own (original resin) Crusader, and I was super impressed. I constantly asked him if I could buy it because it hadn’t received a coat of paint, but was repeatedly refused.

I contacted the manufacturer in February 2012, and asked Mark if there were ever plans to produce a cheaper plastic version of the model, only to receive a reply that the plans were already being carried out.  About every 3 months or so, I would see the kit on display at my friends house so I would email Mark and see how the model was coming along. I would receive a nice appreciative reply, that there was a new kit coming out around Gencon, and to keep an eye out. Finally, when the Kickstarter Campaign came around, I jumped on it and grabbed a Crusader with bonus Excalibur Combat Sword / Left Vulcan Cannon / Capacitor Coolers, and from Phase 2; Beowulf/Grendel Cannon Arm, Nova Cannon, Ripper Saw & Hel Cannon.

Here it is… it’s MASSIVE!


Wazza Out. =D

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