Kingdom of Britannia vs Federated States of America

I have an ongoing game of Dystopian Wars I am playing with my wife. I’m using KoB, and she has FSA. We were both pretty rusty with the game but have enjoyed getting back into it! On to some pics:

My wife’s deployment:

My Deployment:


I forgot Escorts are only supposed to be deployed in squadrons of up to 3 models, so I had to move three to join the Battleship on the far side of the force:

The Dreadnoughts are heading for a confrontation! (Sorry the picture is a little dark, click on it for a better/larger view)

The game continues. I was starting to worry as she picked on a lot of my smaller ships and I quickly became outnumbered, however her win conditions require killing my three Capital ships (Dreadnought, Battleship and Carrier). I think as the game progresses, it is starting to swing my way:

t’s been great fun getting back into this fun game!

Wazza Out. =D

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