Super Dungeon Explore

Hooo boy! I’m excited!

I’ve ordered a new board game; Super Dungeon Explore by Soda Pop Miniatures.

Not only did I pick up the game from the super awesome Defiant Gaming online store, I’ve ordered the newly released expansion Von Drakk Manor, the two mini additions of Rock Top Gang & Fireflow Denizens, and also the Limited Edition models of Succubus Vandella & Herald of Volcanis. The only things I haven’t ordered yet are the expansion Caverns of Roxxor (because it’s out of stock) and Dragon’s Clutch. I’m sure I’ll end up grabbing those as well soon enough!

From my readings of forums, the miniatures included in the Super Dungeon Explore game take quite a large amount of time to prepare and assemble (almost everyone said 6+ hours!), but it’s something I look forward to and plan to do right as I would like to paint the miniatures as well. It seems Soda Pop Miniatures listened to their customer’s concerns (particularly board gamers) and the releases since the first game have all come assembled.

I also plan on getting the cool Battlefoam foam kit that safely and securely hold the game components inside the Super Dungeon Explore box.



And finally, what would a Super Dungeon Explore game be if there was not a Super Dungeon to go exploring? I’m planning on making a modular dungeon, and I’m currently considering using Hirst Arts molds to create my own dungeon.


Here’s some dungeons others have created:


I can only hope my dungeon turns out half as good as some of the ones shown here!!! If you click on some of the above images, you can see bigger versions of the pictures. If you don’t do it for all of them, at least have a look at that last dungeon, it’s incredible!

Wazza Out. =D

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  1. I really want to pick this up sometime. It looks like a blast!

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