Super Dungeon Explore – First Thoughts


I’ve been on about this game coming for a while now, and I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and have a few games with my wife. So far, we’ve had three games. We’ve had one 8-bit game (2 heros, 1 mini boss) and two 16-bit games (3 heros, 1 mini boss, 1 boss). The best part? My wife was literally begging for our second 16-bit game! She loves the simple mechanics, and is really enjoying it. Probably beating me every game is helping, but I’m still learning the rules and I think I need to do a bit of reading to better my game-running abilities!

Our current game (still in progress)…

I love the little slowpoke turtles…

Click on the pics for a bigger view… if you look carefully, you might even spot my dog!

With my wife this keen to play… I’m glad I’ve bought almost all of the expansions!

Wazza Out. =D

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