My new display cabinet.

*phew* Wowsers, it’s been a while.

I bought a new display case from my local hobby store. Well, two actually. And bolted them together.

DSC_0053Notice the encouragement award and wooden spoon for coming last place in a tournament. I’m very proud of it. I blame the tournament organiser for his list advice… I guess it just didn’t work for me.

DSC_0039I like to keep a ‘remnant’ of all the armies I collect. Here are my Black Templars, Cygnar, Blood Bowl Squig Team and Tyranids. The rest were just for fun (like the marine riding a lego bike, and the daemon riding a surfboard)

DSC_0040The remnants of my Minas Tirith force, my first two Warhammer conversions (Gandalf without hat, Boromir with repositioned arm) and the Fellowship Display.

DSC_0041Painted just for fun. Studio Mcvey limited edition resins, a one-off Assault Marine, unpainted large scale Space Marine, and custom mount for a Liche Priest.

DSC_0043My Ogre Kingdoms.


DSC_0045Da Monsters!!!

DSC_0046My general, a cool mini by Avatars of War.

DSC_0047Ogres with banners, flippin the bird, and wolverine style!

DSC_0048My housemate’s D-Wars

DSC_0049My housemate’s Lizardmen.

DSC_0050My Necrons.

DSC_0051Custom bases by Litko Game Accessories.


Wazza Out. =D

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