Forgotten King

I recently received Forgotten King, the latest update of Super Dungeon Explore by Soda Pop Miniatures. This was their first Kickstarter project, and it went really well (Over 1.1 million dollars pledged!!!). They’ve just launched their second Kickstarter project called Ninja All-Stars, with regular updates on their Facebook account.


First impressions are great! Awesome minis, good construction at the factory, really nice bright colours throughout, and the rule book is much simpler and better set out.

I launched straight into an Arcade Game to get an idea of new rules, models and game play. Talk about colourful…

I’m loving it so far. Game changes that make it interesting and easier to play. It’s an awesome system, and the game feels nicely streamlined yet holds true to their fun focused predecessor.

The minis are fantastic. Every time I opened a new packet, I found my “new favourite”

FullSizeRender (1)
Awesome Kingsprout!
FullSizeRender (2)
Cute Pets!
FullSizeRender (3)
Shaman Hero
FullSizeRender (4)
New Heroes! Kunoichi Candy, Brave Mode Candy, Royal Warden, Princess Emerald

There were some models that were a bit out of shape when they arrived, such as this Grobbit…

FullSizeRender (5)

As you can see, he has a pretty noticeable lean backwards, and his crazy axe is a quite bent. I found the quickest and easiest method involved boiling water.

FullSizeRender (8)

I dunked the model in the freshly boiled water for about 3 seconds, trying to limit contact to the parts I wanted to reset. This makes the plastic very pliable, allowing parts to be re positioned. After this, I carefully held the model in the position I wanted it to set in and held it under cold water to harden the plastic again.


This process worked a treat!

FullSizeRender (7)

Body in a more upright position.

FullSizeRender (6)

And the axe is much straighter than before. Not quite perfect but certainly a lot better.

Can’t wait to get some paint on these awesome little figures!

Wazza Out. =D


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Game looks great. Good to hear arcade mode was fun in practice.

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