About Me

Hi There!

Woohoo! That’s enough of you talking about me, how about I talk about me!


My name is Scott Warren, and I live in the most remote capital city in the world: Perth, Western Australia. I have been Wargaming for about seven years now, and have built up quite the collection over the years.

It all started way back in my Uni days. I had some time to kill between a lecture and a tutorial, so I went for a walk. I just happened to stumble upon the Fremantle Games Workshop store. I walked in the door and BAM! I was hooked. I’d always done model kits of cars, planes and boats growing up, but here was a similar product that didn’t just sit on a shelf collecting dust, only to be broken one day and tossed in the trash. These models were actually used for games!

I started collecting, and even had a part time position at GW store for about a year, great times! I still remember running intro games and adding so much drama and volume (Your explosive boltgun round SMASHES into my poor little genestealer, sending brains and gore flying out all over his friends!), so much so that passers by often wandered in to see what the fuss was about! To this day, I am taken on a whirlwind of reminiscence whenever I hear Scissor Sisters, as they were one of the 6 CD’s in our stereo system so I heard them a LOT!

So, I have continued to expand my miniature collections, and have dabbled in other new and exciting miniature games. I even managed to get my wife to play on rare occasions!

A quick list of my forces:   (All army sizes are approximate!)

  • LOTR – 3000 pts, Men of Gondor, including units of Rangers and Ents.
  • Fantasy – 3500 pts of Ogre Kingdoms.
  • 40k – 3000 pts of Black Templars, 3000 pts of Necrons.
  • Dystopian Wars – Large force of Brittania.
  • Blood Bowl – Halflings.

My Gaming Philosophy

  • Painted minis are just better! My schemes are usually quick and simple, and almost always incorporate a bright colour in there somewhere. I have a few darker armies too though.
  • I buy/keep the minis that I like the look of. Apparently, that makes me a fluffybunny… (someone who focuses less on WINNING!!!). For me, a GAME is a win if both my opponent and I enjoy it, we have a good laugh about something (or many things =) and if I somehow manage a win, it’s a bonus! This is probably best demonstrated by my performance in a recent local tournament; I walked away with the wooden spoon award, but with a huge smile on my face having played some great opponents on some of my fantastic scenery. =D
  • I want to share the love! That’s why I’m striking out on this little venture… to do my best to share the Army Painter method and my other hobby ideas with a broader hobby community… =D

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