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Links I Like!

All the sites I like in one place! What a resource!

Please contact me if any links are broken, and feel free to comment with other sites I might like…

FORUMS – Places I lurk and post…

  • westgamer – A forum for West Australian Wargamers!
  • wargamerau – A forum for Aussie Wargamers… mostly the East Coast.
  • ogre stronghold – A forum dedicated to the Ogre Kingdoms!
  • studio mcvey forums – A forum dedicated to the works and fans of Mike & Ali McVey


SUPER FEATURED STORES – Places that support Wazza’s Hobbies – Mad about Minis!

  • defiant gaming – Great prices and support for hobby events. That and they support Wazza’s Hobbies!
  • back2base-ix – A mecha for hobby supplies; resin bases, magnet products galore and more… That and they support Wazza’s Hobbies!
  • the combat company – Good range and prices. Free postage in Aus for spending over $100! That and they support Wazza’s Hobbies!
  • the army painter – I wouldn’t be starting this without them! Mad props!


FEATURED STORES – Places I really like to buy from…

  • miniature scenery – Flat pack MDF scenery. Can be a labour of love to prepare and assemble, but I like it! Hopefully their switch to laser cutting will improve this!
  • phoenix forge – Big range, good prices, great communication! A pleasure to deal with.


OTHER STORES – Places I buy from…

  • forgeworld – Stocks special resin miniatures for games by GW (Games Workshop). I wish this was a “featured” store, but I don’t own a money tree.
  • chapterhouse studios – Naughty conversion bits for GW gear. I have some of their Nid stuff, very nicely done.
  • tabletop art – Some pretty cool bases, and even better, sets of bases! I think they are German, you can switch to English language up the top.
  • warmill – Some pretty awesome scenery, and even MOAR awesome jewel bases. Yummy!
  • studio mcvey – Limited edition resin figures, and they are just amazing! I’m also really excited about a game they are working on, sedition wars!
  • chessex – Dice! Those frustrating little tools that bring the world of ‘random’ to our games. It’s a love/hate kinda thing. But you’ll love them more if you buy from Chessex. They even do custom dice (I’ve got two sets for now) where you can send them a picture to be used for the 6 on a dice! May you always roll 6’s*

*unless you want 1’s…

  • reaper miniatures – A HUGE collection of all sorts of different genres.
  • impact miniatures – Fantasy football miniatures. Great for Blood Bowl.
  • shadowforge – Sexy girl minatures. *sigh*
  • waterline ships – Great naval scenery that fits well with Dystopian Wars
  • amera plastic moulding – Vacuum plastic scenery. Cheap and durable. I have all of their island sets for Dystopian Wars.
  • avatars of war – Awesome fantasy models, make great generals for Warhammer Fantasy!
  • slave to painting – Hobby store in New Zealand. Great communication, great community support, increasing product ranges. Look out for more great things to come


OTHER, OTHER, STORES – Places I will probably buy something from someday… =D


GAME COMPANIES – It’s like war, but on a table! Here’s what I play, in order of preference: =D

  • games workshop – The place it all started for me. They produce Lord of the Rings (based on Tolkien’s great work), Fantasy (think men, monsters and other interesting races) and 40k (a grim-dark gothic game set very far into the future)
  • spartan games – Produce Dystopian Wars and two other games not worth mentioning… =D (Ok, Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas). D-Wars is an alternative Steampunk history game. Battle on land, sea or sky.


OTHER GAME COMPANIES – Game’s I’ve dabbled in or like!

  • privateer press – They produce Warmachine and Hordes. A skirmish sized game starring hulking robots and massive beasts. I must quote a friend to describe the game: “Everything is Over Powered! But that just makes it a well balanced game!” =D
  • corvus belli – Produce Infinity. An alternative future game, skirmish sized (low number of miniatures) requiring loads of awesome scenery.


TUTORIALS ‘N’ STUFF – Things I’d like to try, or are just plain cool…


OTHER – The stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else…

  • paint it pink – A cool painting competition to raise funds for Breast Cancer. I mean, most Wargamers are dudes (not that I have any problem with Girl Gamers!), and most of us like that body part intact. I have started my own Paint it Pink project…
  • photobucket – Image hosting service.


HOBBY BLOGS – I read them…

  • tabletop fix – This blog is AMAZING! So much hobby goodness, it is very dangerous for me to read because I start dreaming up all sorts of crazy-massive projects…
  • studio mcvey blog – Keeps me up to date with Studio Mcvey releases.
  • spartan games blog – Keeps me up to date with D-Wars releases.


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